How does it work - Everlock - Camping Furniture Lock

How does the camper cabinet lock Everlock work


An essential component in the self-construction of a camper is the securing of the cupboards, drawers and flaps. After all, there is a lot going on while driving.

There are many solutions on the market that can be used for this. It starts with simple hooks or bolts and goes up to more complicated models with rotary buttons and push buttons. Depending on the model, installation and operation can be difficult.

Most of the time you have to remember that they are properly closed after opening. And who doesn't know that - you drive off and you hear a rumble in the first corner. A flap was not locked properly - the content flies through the camper.

Camping Schrank mit Everlock

It was not different for us, so we decided to find a new solution - one that is easy to use and one that is always securely locked. Everlock ;-)

Everlock is very easy to use: your finger is the key; the lock itself is spring-loaded and automatically engages again when the flap is closed. Operation is simple and quick.

Here's how easy it works:



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