Welcome at Everlock - The clever camping latch - Everlock - Camping Furniture Lock

Welcome at Everlock - our new, simple latch for camping cabinets.


The idea for our camping latch was born during our own camper van build. The typical used latches were not satisfying. You always had to push the lock button after using a drawer. So finally you do not always lock the locks as it gets anoying.

Also magnetic latches are not satisfying as there is much force needed to open them.

So we started with a little sketch - build some prototypes and after many many improvements we finally finished our product - Everlock - a simple but save camping furniture latch. 

You don't have to care about pushing knobs. The lock is opened with your finger and locks itself as soon as you close your cabinet / drawer. 

Visit the How does it work and Mounting instructions for further information.

We wish you a lot of success with your camper van build and many wonderful journeys.

Your Everlock Team



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Everlock sketch